Salt Water Gamefish Shrimp/Crab

This is the greatest scent in the world for any species of Salt Water Gamefish. The base is fish oils from specific species of prey fish that swim the oceans. Then we added a Shrimp/Crab type of smell to appeal to all species of Gamefish.

 If you are using live bait, cut bait, chrome, feathers, plastic or even sponge, Kick'n BassŪ new Salt Water Gamefish will stick and cover your offering, continuously putting out a chum line type/oil slick. Do you want to be the only minnow swimming around in a school of hungry fish, while you put out an oil slick of pure amino acids and bite stimulants?   Well do you?  No!

If you are throwing a chrome spoon or a plastic jig, shouldn't it smell like a salt water food?   Yes!

Salt Water fish can be very picky at times. Often you will see "Ol' Timers" putting a piece of squid or clam on a jig they are throwing.  Why?  
Answer: To give it some taste and smell. That is what Kick'n BassŪ   Salt Water Gamefish will do for you. It will give you taste and smell, two things that something like a spoon, jig or plastic need to make them more appealing. 

This product has been proven from the land-locked Striped Bass of Lake Powel, to the jetty's of Long Island Sound. It has been proven on the kelp beds off of San Diego to the humps off of Mazatlan. Spots and Specks in Louisiana, Yellow fin, Dorado, Sailfish off Mexico, Blues, Striper, Fluke off of the East coast jetties and  Halibut in Alaska. They all love the smell and taste.  Kick' BassŪ Gamefish has been their and proven itself a winner. Strong fish-oil base with a forage smell compounded with fish amino acids. This product will put more fish in your boat. Get some now and start saving money on live and cut/bait. Enhance those chrome spoons and plastics with smell and taste! Shrimp/Crab.

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