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 Kick'n Bass® fish attractants
the best your money can buy.

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Folks, this is what it's all about !

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Some of these are record breaking fish. All caught on Kick'n Bass® Fish Attractants. Click on any picture to enlarge.   To see more pictures click here.

For you into "You Tube Videos" see Will Hankins using Kick'n® Anise Shad 

#1. Why Kick'n Bass® ? 
Answer: We have the strongest most concentrated products 
on the market or in the entire world !

#2. I have heard about "New" paste, jellies and sprays. 
They say they have good stuff, "Tournament proven". 

Answer: Kick'n Bass® was formulated over 15 years ago by a professional  Chemist/Fishermen. He did not want to water the base down with filler chemicals. He didn't want to formulate with wallpaper paste, jelly etc. and then try and add fake amino-acids, color and more cheap fillers. We have been winning tournaments for years, see our 500 plus page web site of testimony !

#3. But the other guys have big name Pro'$ swearing by their product!
Answer: Kick'n Bass® was not made for Television. We did not get big money Pro'$ and pay them to endorse our products. The only people you will see promoting Kick'n Bass® are real fishermen. We are not a bought and paid for $cent company that gives you 20 cents of soybean oil, Vaseline or wax and charge you big bucks for a bottle or tube. We don't buy Pro'$ and we don't buy their testimony. 

#4. What makes Kick'n Bass® Fish Attractant better than the competition?
Answer: Glad you asked. .  
We start with a 100% pure, liquid fish oil base.  (What species of fish does not respond to pure fish oil?) This base of pure Fish-Oils is then fortified with proven fish attractants, fatty acids, proteins, scent and dispersion agents. The most concentrated fish formula's that have ever been created. 

#5. Don't these jellies and pastes and sprays stay on a bait longer?
Answer: No, they are either water based or bean oil. They don't even start out with the right base. They get you buying cheaply made products. You have to look at the how much real fish oil and proteins are in a product. Ours is 100% thick and heavy oil, no cheap fillers. It stays on anything it touches.

#6. So, other products are made out of water and paste, soy-bean oil or corn oil?
Answer: Yes. Some even say it on the label ! They start off with water as the first ingredient and go downhill from there. If they are an oil base then they buy the cheapest oil on the commodities market and use that.... corn, soy-bean, sunflower oil ect. They don't care. 

#7. What makes Kick'n Bass® special or different?
Answer: Our complex fish-oil formula's stays on anything and everything for hours
if not days. Our thick, heavy oil, will stick to a steel jig-n spoon
for hours. It will stay on a rubber worm for hours, days, and out of the water. The fact that you don't have to re-apply every few minutes is one of the secrets as to why our formula's work so well. Bass can smell your jig-n pig, spoon, rubber worm or spinnerbait skirt for hours. They don't turn away from your lure, they attack it with a vengeance. A crankbait treated with Kick'n Bass® will smell of fish-oil for hours after casting. No other formula on the market even comes close to ours. Our original garlic has a very heavy smell to stimulate strike response. Garlic smell has been proven for years to attract all sorts of species of fish. Combine this with our fish-oils base and you have a proven winner. 
(We have pages and pages and pages of testimony from people we do not pay. 
They just write in what they experience!)
Click here for Tournament proven winner's.

These products were developed by a Chemist who loves fishing. These products were not made to be sold to the public, but rather for private use over 20 years ago. Then they became so popular they could not be kept a secret any longer. They weren't formulated cheaply, to be sold at huge profits like so many weak formulas out on the market now.
(See The Beginning )

They are made of pure Fish-Oils, proven fish attractants, fatty acids and proteins, scent and dispersion agents. 

Our Crawfish just blows the competition away. The best 
smelling Crawfish scent on the market.. 

 We have now added a new Anise/Shad which is stronger than anyone else's. We have more Bang in our bottle than other companies have in their entire warehouse!

Our new Crappie really catches Crappie and other Pan fish. 
Our Saltwater Gamefish is the bomb.. use it on live bait fish for an
EXTRA SLICK OIL TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We could have turned all these into cheap water/jelly, paste's, soy-bean oil, or cheap aerosol spray but we didn't. We made our scents out of concentrate blends of fish oils and other strike stimulants. Just read some of our HUNDREDS OF REAL  testimonies from fishermen just like yourself to see how they work.

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" The best scents that Science can Conceive. "


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 Now in Original Garlic, Crawfish and Anise/Shad !

Here is a product review from a someone who never believed in scent.  
A fellow Arizona guy.  Click here.


Now in Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's  

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