Bo Schoonover

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This is my dad,  Bo Schoonover.  He lives in Ohio. We were on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC  , on 9-28-98.  Cherry Grove pier, to be exact.  He caught this fish off the end of the pier , at  1:45 am.  It took  30 minutes to get this fish up to the top of the water to even see what it was.  At 1:45 am, not a  lot of people on pier.  No one to help.  He had to walk this fish down the entire length of the pier and beach it in the sand .   Anyway, this was thrilling to me and  I know to my dad, so I'm sending this  picture to you.

 By the way, we did release the fish.   The man said it was a spot tail bass, and because of it's size it had to be put back anyway because of the slot limit and it being a breeder type. Thank you very much.   Brenda   p.s.   This picture does not even do the fish justice.  It had a very large girth.