Doug Laing

7.3 pounds, Great American Bass Club Leased Lake in San Saba, Texas (Waco Creek Lake) Wacky rigged watermelon black flake Senko, with Kick 'n Bass.  As a fair skinned person, I use Kick 'n Bass on my hands to kill my human scent also.   The scale is the new Rapala Lock N Weigh...first time to use it...I never touched the fish.   
I appreciate your mention of the Fat Free Shad as a top bait.  I have never used one, but the big fish of the year at Waco Creek Lake, at 27.5", came on a Fat Free Shad.  There must be a message there.  
Thanks for all your input at the BFHP and your support of that great site.
Set the hook,