James Smith

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Cosmic, I mentioned yesterday on the BFHP that I would send you some pics displaying the results of KNB. #1 Shows A good looking fellow with a great hat and his scruffy partner holding 4 of the five SMB that weighed a total of 17lb 12 oz.

#2 Is a 4lb4oz SMB that won big fish award for an August "T" on the Columbia River.  I caught that one and several like her on a 4" Magic worm soaked in the Shad Anise sample you gave me at the Chicago show. I lost the hat  from the previous pictures, however.  It blew off in the boat one day at about 75.  The shad Anise continued  to work well until just recently when the water turned colder and it now seems as if the craw is doing it's trick again.  At any rate the Shad allowed me to continually place high enough in the last three club "T's " that I came from 4th in overall standings to lead the club and receive the angler of the year award just last week.  Keep stirring up the cauldron and making that KNB brew, it is really something I KNOW works to increase an angler's catch ratio.  I have told numerous folks to try it and to a man they have come back later and said they noticed a real difference.  By the way, my wife got really excited about your comments on the Mexico trip and now says she wants to go.  She especially liked the Margarita thing!  Perhaps when I finish remodeling the house this winter we can plan for a trip next year.
Full Livewells,  Smitty

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