Jimmie Jones

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Here is a picture of "The Big One."  He is 5 1/2 lbs. and 19 inches long.   I've always talked about catching "The Big One," and I've finally caught it at, Joe Pool Lake, TX. Of course I caught it using
Kick'n BassŪ products. I used the crawfish scent which did absolute wonders, I caught it in no time. I can really say that Kick 'N' Bass really Kick's Bass. I've has so much success with this product that I must say that I am enjoying fishing so much more now than ever. My partner, Gary and I are now looking forward to more tournaments. I Jimmie Jones being a former Dallas Cowboy football player, winning 2 NFL Super Bowl Championships back to back, I am very used to winning so I look forward to not just entering and participating in tournaments but winning them as well.

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