Jonathan Thomas Alan Noah

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Jim & Betty Noah are proud to announce the latest addition to the Noah
Fishing Team, JT (Jonathan Thomas Alan Noah) son of Bruce & Joyce Noah
arrived this morning at 12:23 AM.  The little keeper weighted in at 9
lbs. 3 oz. and is 21.5 inches long.  Mother, Father, and son are doing
great!  JT put up a tough fight and Mom required the assistance of the
whole family and surgery.  This morning he had fully recovered from the
battle and dressed to go ice fishing (well it's almost that cold here).

In preparation for the new addition, tackle, rods, and reels have been
ordered.  As always, the best play pen of summer will be a Ranger 520
with a 225 FICHT that also serves as an instant sleep provider.

Jim Noah
BITS Program Management

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