Kathryn Gibson

Cos---- Just thought you'd like to see the nice fish I caught on Guntersville on August 3. Kinda figured you'd like to see it since I caught it on a jig that had been nicely coated with some KNB crawfish scent a few flips before!!  Weighed 8lbs 2 oz!!! I've also got to send a note to Troy as we took a trip with him last August and he insisted I use a jig some. Maybe he'll be thrilled that his instruction actually sunk in my measly little brain!!  I usually use garlic, but since I was using that darned jig (I hate fishing a jig!) thought I'd try to make it taste like it should, so I used the crawfish!!
I'm sure you don't remember as you were so busy, but my husband and I got to visit with ya at the Classic in B'ham last year. You were so nice to me --- gave me way too much stuff!!! You're not ever gonna make any money if ya keep giving it away!!!! You are really a sweetie to all us WBFA girls.
Thanks again, Kathryn Gibson