Marvin Burt

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From: Marvin Burt
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 9:28 AM
Subject: striper
Caught on Lake Hamilton Hot Springs, Ar.
When I caught this striper there was a guide 200 feet from me with 3 paying customers that wasn't catching anything. They were having a fit watching me haul in this big fish in. ( can I keep him) I heard them telling the guide they been fishing almost 3 hours and haven't had a bite.
I caught this fish about 5 minutes after I strated fishing. After getting him in the boat I  through lure back in the same spot caught this one 3 feet 4inches just minutes after it hit the water. I was using the Anise/Shad formula of Kick'n BassŪ
They were giving the guide a hard time, still no fish for them. One of the fisherman asked if he could fish with me. I told the I was going home for the day. 
   Marvin Burt