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Testimonies from Pro users: Page 1
The following are actual testimonials sent in to Scientific Bass. They are what professional guides and professional fishermen have to say about out products. These start at 1997 for recent testimony go here 

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#1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to share my testimony on the fine Kick'n Bass® products. I've been having a tremendous amount of success fishing tournaments this year. To date, I have fished 6 different tournaments through out Illinois and my lowest finish has been 5th place. I have 2 first place, 1 second place, 2 third place, and 1 5th place finishes plus Big Bass honors in 2 of the tournaments. I am currently guaranteed a position in the MBA Classic and only need a top 10 finish in the ABC Circuit to qualify my classic position there. All this with half the tournaments remaining in both circuits for the year. I know in my heart that this would not have been possible without the addition of Kick n Bass®. But I would like to share my experience from this Saturday, the 4th of July. Knowing that the local lakes would be very busy with pleasure boat traffic, a friend and I decided to fish Altamont Reservoir. This is a small lake with only 200 acres. It is a total no wake lake with trolling motors only for propulsion. We both were using the Kick n Bass® Garlic and catching bass in the 1-3 pound range. I decided, that this was just a fun day, so why not experiment a little. I sprayed a little on a worm and on the next pick up I just let the fish run with the bait on a loose spool. I would estimate the bass swam for approximately 10 feet still holding the worm when I engaged the spool. Even though the fish felt the weight of my resistance, it did not turn loose. The bass hooked itself and I boated a nice 2 pounder and promptly released it. My buddy just said, "Well that fish just liked that particular worm." I told him, "No I think it was the KNB." So, I tied on a homemade jig and attached a Zoom super chunk trailer, sprayed the combo down with KNB and went to work. About 4 cast later, another strike. Again I let the fish have the bait on a free spool. The fish ran about 7-8 feet when I engaged the spool. I boated another bass of approximately 3 1/2 pounds and never set the hook. That fish just wouldn't let go. I asked my buddy, "Well now what do you have to say?" His only reply was, "Pass me that bottle of KNB." Thanks for letting me share my experiences with you, and I would like to say that if your not using Kick n Bass®, then you should be. Larry Hetzer larryhetzer@yahoo.com  

#2. This letter is in regards to Scientific Products "Kick'n Bass Fish® attractant"! A month or so ago. I sent a request for Scientific Products to help me out in my career by sponsoring me with some of their products. You in turn sent me a couple bottles for testing and I have to say that this is the very best product that I have ever seen anywhere. .BAR-NONE! I want you to take this letter and pass it on to any interested parties you may have, and also to publish it as you see fit if you decide to do so! I will stand behind your product 100%, so if there is anything you would like to ask me, please feel free to do so!
My name is Jesse McKee, and most of you don't know me. I am an Amateur Tournament fisherman from SW Oklahoma, and I have a few things to say about "Kick'n Bass®" Fish Attractant! First of all, this product will only do one thing for you CATCH FISH ! I have used almost every fish attractant on the market, just to give me an edge over an opponent, or to make the fish hold on to my bait for just a second or two longer, and Nothing has worked to my standards at least not until I discovered "Kick'n-Bass®!" This stuff is beyond belief, I found that fish were not only holding on to it for a few more seconds, but at times, they almost pulled the rod from my hands before I had time to get a hook-set! I was no longer getting the usual "tap-tap-tap" when I was fishing with plastic baits using other fish attractants instead I was getting more of the "wham-wham-wham-RUN" effect with "Kick'n-Bass!" This stuff is just simply put AMAZING! It drives the fish into a frenzy! The other benefits make it far superior to anything else on the market today! For one, it is highly concentrated, so you won't have all those extremely large bottles all over the place. "Kick'n Bass" is very compact to carry. In fact, when I'm fishing, I find that the smaller sized bottles fit right in my shirt or pants pocket with ease! And the fact that they are enclosed in a virtual 'Spill-Proof' pump type spray bottle, you never have to worry about it getting all over you or your new bass boat if you forget to stand it upright in a corner of your tackle box! All it takes to make even the simplest of lures become "Bass-Busting Phenomenon" is just one or two pumps with the convenient spray bottle, and you're ready to do battle with the best of them! And you also won't find yourself re-applying "Kick'n-Bass®" with every other cast. This stuff just won't wear off I have jig fished with just one application for over 3 hours, catching several fish, and found that it still had the "Kick'n-Bass®" Attractant scent! I use it on my spinner baits, jerk-baits, crank baits, all my plastic baits, and anything else I can get it on! THIS STUFF WORKS ON ANYTHING ! !
After I. obtained my first bottle of "Kick'n-Bass®", I took a top fisherman from our B.A.S.S.® Affiliated club and we went fishing! Now this wasn't one of your people who had just picked up a rod and reel for the first time in his life! He's a very good fisherman! We took my boat and went to a lake where the bass had been a little tough to catch. We were using the same lures fishing in the exact same spots. I was using "Kick'n-Bass®" from the front of the boat, and he was using another name brand fish attractant at the rear! Well, after the day was over, my average to say the least, was 5 fish to his every 1 fish! I never told him what was going on, and the next weekend, I repeated the test at another lake, taking another known angler from our organization! The results were even better. I caught 6 fish to his every 1 ! It was at our next Chapter meeting that my secret was revealed! Everyone was astounded! I thought they were actually going to taste the stuff to see if what I had said was true! After getting out the other name brand attractants and making a comparison, they all found that "Kick'n-Bass®" was far superior to anything they had ever used!
In conclusion, if you want to catch more fish and gain the "ever so competitive edge" over your fellow angler, I advise you to pick up a few bottles of "Kick'n-Bass®" to add to your arsenal! You will not regret it. I simply will not ever go fishing without it from now on! It's a very valuable asset, and it's one that I will not be without! The only problem I have found that "Kick'n-Bass®" causes my arms get "SO TIRED FROM REELING IN ALL THOSE HUGE LUNKER BASS (but I'm hoping I will get over that)! Thank you Scientific Products and "Kick'n-Bass®".
Sincerely Jesse L. McKee "President" S.W. Oklahoma Hawg-Hunters
1001 Stewan St. Altus, Oklahoma 73521  (580)482-1076 day time

To see a picture of Jesse and a nice 6# plus largemouth click here.

#3.  Ken Revell has recently contacted me about being on the SBP. Pro Staff here in Texas. After discussing this with him at length, I have decided that I would be honored to be a part of the team.  I am a seasoned angler and have been tournament fishing seriously for about eight years now. On the average, I fish in excess of twenty-five tournaments a year. As a result, I am in constant contact with many people involved in the fishing industry. I have had the pleasure of fishing in three B.A.S.S.® megabucks Tournaments in the past. I am currently fishing the Angler's Choice Team Tournament Trail here in the D.F.W. Metroplex Region, also the Texas 100 Team Tournament Trail, as well as all of the local open tournaments that I have time for. My partners and I are currently in the top five in both of the team trails.  One of the main reasons I decided to join the team is because of the great success I have had using Kick-n-Bass®. I can assure you that I would not represent a product that I did not use or that I did not have full confidence in. I have tried just about every fish attractant on the market, and Kick-n-Bass® is by far the best product of it's type that I have ever used. It is, without a doubt, a major factor in our current success this season. I am certain that by using Kick-n-Bass®, I have been able to get strikes that I normally would not have gotten. It simply increases my chances of getting a bite, especially in those "high-pressure situations. And, as I'm sure you well know, one good bite can be the difference between winning and losing a tournament. I am also very impressed with the Lip Grip'r.® This product simply speaks for itself. What can I say? I thank you, and my thumb thanks you! Sincerely, Mark S. Shores to see some of Marks big fish click here

#4. "This letter is to confirm the superiority of your product. While fishing in Florida a cold front had just dissipated and we were facing blue bird skies. As our catch rate was near none existent I applied Kick'n Bass® to a lizard I was flipping. The results were amazing! I proceeded in succession to catch six fish in the 3 to 4 pound range while my colleagues were blanked! I excitedly told my partner "Put some of this on." he then experienced super catches as well! Our trip which seemed to be destined for inactivity was ignited by using this terrific attractant. Kick'n Bass® is truly a superior product.
Jeff Espy, Advertising Sales Rep B.A.S.S. inc.® ,
Publishers of BASSMASTER,
® ....B.A.S.S. Times®,
 Southern Outdoors
®, and Fishing Tackle Retailer®.

#5. "Using Kick'n Bass® I recently won the B.A.S.S FEDERATION TOURNAMENT® at Lake Pleasant AZ with an 10.8 pound large fish! I was culling fish in the first four hours. My partner caught only ONE fish in two days!
Rob Pulec, Professional Bass angler Phoenix AZ.

#6. "I started using Kick'n Bass® and had wonderful results, in 2 hours I boated 15 fish including a 9.6 pounder and several in the 5 pound range. I've decided that I would always use Kick'n Bass® from that point on. In the last three tournaments I have won one and placed third in the other two." ......
Tom Eubanks Kick'n Bass® Professional Staff, Chandler AZ

#7. "In test with 5 pro tournament fisherman at Lake Oviachic in Mexico, we proved Kick'n Bass® will produce 5 times more bites than lures fished without it. No Doubts! I finished 5th out of a field of 168 good pro fisherman at Toledo Bend. I know Kick'n Bass® was the reason for my success. I also lost a 4 pounder at the boat in the same tournament! "........
Ron Speed Sr./Ron Speed's Adventures®, Malakoff, Texas.

#8. "I'm just amazed at how well Kick'n Bass® works ! We are consistently catching more fish since we started spraying our lures with Kick'n Bass.® Before using it I really didn't believe in scents until a client introduced me to this product. Be careful, they just may make it illegal because it works so well !" James Williams, Casting and Blasting, Professional Guide Service, Lake Fork Texas.

#9. "It's the best scent I have ever used ! I use scents all the time. The best thing I like about Kick'n Bass® is that it clings to the bait."
Brad Hudson, Professional Bass angler, Phoenix, AZ.

#10. "The first time I used Kick'n Bass® it lasted longer than any other attractant I've used. During a cold front I out fished my partner 4 to 1 using Kick'n Bass®. I would recommend this product to anyone."
Angelo Messina, Sporting good sales, Phoenix AZ.

#11. "Since I have been using Kick'n Bass® my catch and weight ratio has gone up tremendously, so has my PRIZE MONEY !"
Curtis Gregory, Bass pro angler, Phoenix AZ.

#12. "Kick'n Bass® is by far...The Best Attractant I've used. Longest lasting, most productive attractant on the market !" John Hoffman, Bass pro angler, Phoenix AZ.

#13. "I wanted to let you know how happy I am with Kick'n Bass.® Since using it the rate of fish hitting the lure has increased and they have the bait deep in their mouth as if they are not going to spit it out. The fish go after the scent and won't let go. I have been soaking my plastics in a bag for a few days, I have found that the scent holds on even longer. You can use it on any bait of choice and the spray bottle keeps easily in your box or vest. Thanks for a great product that gets the job done." Mike Mean, Spring Valley CA. Pro Bass fishermen. To view pictures click here.

#14. "I used your Kick'n Bass® in the Pro-Team Banquet on Ray Roberts, even though I didn't win I caught twenty bass on worms and one at 4 #s. However your scent was a hoot. It stayed on the worm better than any other product and the fish seemed to bite mine better than my brothers who was fishing with me at the time. He was not using your product. Thanks again, I will tell my fishing friends about Kick'n Bass®." Tim Watts, Azle TX

#15. "As both a professional guide and outdoor writer, I am fortunate enough to be introduced to new product and your Kick'n Bass® has proven to be one of the best "tools" for my novice clients. This attractant does what it says it will do, and has provided my clients with a much better strike to catch ratio. I think this attractant will improve everyone's odds once they try it. Thanks for a product that is simple to use and works this good."
Joe B Pratt, J.B.'s Guide Service, Euless TX. 817-540-9561
Joe's Guide service web page click here.

#16 "I have been fishing for over 30 years and I have used every scent that has been available. I was introduced to Kick N' Bass® in April of this year, from a friend on Lake Fork. He said I should try it because it was the best scent for catching fish. He was right. When you spray it on your baits you catch fish. Too bad this wasn't out 10 years ago. I have fished these lakes and got fish on them, Lake Arlington, Lake Fork, Aquilla Creek, Joe Pool. For a person wanting to catch fish, I recommend using Kick N' Bass®, because it really works. For me Kick'n Bass® helps me catch fish, especially when they are not biting. The fish just seemed to be attracted to the scent like crazy. Before, I probably wouldn't have caught any fish. By using this product it helps me catch fish. Everybody should have a bottle in their tackle box! They also have another product I really like called the Lip Grip'r. It is made of an elastic, synthetic material. It goes over your thumb, and you don't lose fish. It works especially well whenever you are getting the fish out of the live-well when going to weigh-in. These products are so great that I went to work for Scientific Bass Products as a manufacturer's rep. If you haven't tried them you should !
Ken Revell Arlington, Texas bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net

Trout on Kick'n Bass!

"I have never caught as many or as big of fish until I started using Kick'n Bass®. The fish I caught were Trout! in the last week I caught over 15 two pounder, 3 five pounders, 1 big eight and granddaddy a 10 pound Rainbow!
This Kick'n Bass® fish attractant is incredible !"
Roy Hendricks, fishing fanatic, Antioch, Ca.
(This was even before we had our Trout formula bottled!)

I know what you’re thinking! We use Very Light, Long Rods, Quality Reels, Light Line, Quality split shot, Laser sharpened hooks, Custom floats and Roe Bags. The best of equipment, and all natural bait!
    Well, let me tell you about an all natural product that you can add to your all natural bait and produce way more fish.
I started using Kick'n Trout about a year ago (1997) but told nobody. The reason for telling nobody is because all my fellow Trout fishermen would ridicule me, big time!! Now that I have out fished all of you for about 3 years now, I feel that I can speak and let you in on a tremendous breakthrough in Trout fishing. Whether it’s yarn or fresh Roe, if you add a drop or two of Kick'n Trout to your bait, YOU WILL CATCH MANY MORE TROUT!!  Wade Crouse

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