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Tips section,....Cleaning:

To remove Kick'n Scent from fiberglass boats, use  Simply Green, or Laundry Detergent you wash your cloths in. Go into the wives laundry room and grab that box of Tide or Cheer. Pour a bunch in a bucket of hot/warm water. Don't use a little, use a lot. Go out and give scrub it in, let it set on rug stains for 10 minutes,,, hose off. The trick to getting KNB off a boat is the detergent. The stuff you do your dishes in the sink with is mild.  You don't want the soap from the dish sink or the shower. You want the stuff that is made to work on grass stains etc. Just use one of two things. Laundry detergent (Tide-Cheer etc) or the AUTOMATIC DISH WASHER DETERGENT FOR THE AUTOMATIC DISH WASHER, not the stuff to wash dishes with a sponge, you want the machine stuff, liquid or powder. When you are done hose off and you are good to go. Remember a HIGH PRESSURE CAR WASH WAND HELD AN INCH AWAY FROM A STAIN WILL LIFT OFF YOUR CARPET.  Keep that sprayer away from your carpet at all times or it will peel off. If you put soap on a stain, go sit down and have a drink.. then come back.. let the detergent  have time to un-do the fish-oil glue spots. Remember all my post about KNB NOT being made with a water hose? Go to this page http://www.fishing-boating.com/noah and read what a guy in MO has to say after doing an independent test on his boat. He is the President of BASS Federation and we didn't pay Jim to write this.

While waiting out a rare lighting and rain storm in AZ a guy was complaining to me how he couldn't get the Kick'n Bass® off his new gel coat boat, we walked over to it in the rain and to his amassment it came right off with just rubbing with your wet fingers. This was because the rain storm did it's work and had re-hydrated the dried oil spots. You need to let the laundry detergent soak in and break down the KNB on carpets.... to clean the boats gel coat, just wash it with LAUNDRY DETERGENT.  It will come off real easy. If you want have two spray bottles ready and two towels.. you and your partner can wipe the boat in seconds. 

To remove Kick'n Scent from aluminum boats, use a Brillo pad and some spray cleaner.

For a YOU Tube Video on how to apply go here to Will Hankins http://youtu.be/8qBTOtQvONs 

Here is Charlie Baker stuffing Paca Craws with cotton balls and Crawfish scent.


Fishing Tips:

Can you use different flavors for other types of fish?

Of course!   Kick'n Bass® Garlic would work on the Moon for sand bass. Kick'n Bass® was used out in Maryland in the ocean, results: the guy got a 42# Stripped bass, caught the most bass and caught the biggest bunch of bass on the party boat. It has been used from Mexico and California all the way to Maine and then down to Florida.  Specks, Trout, striped bass, fluke, tuna all love it.  If it swims in the ocean it will love Kick'n Bass® Garlic or Crawfish and our Saltwater (Crab-Shrimp in pure Fish Oil).

Catfish: Blows them away. Place it on worms, liver, bacon, or live bait. My lab partner out fished all his uncles and cousins COMBINED using their bait just treated with Kick'n Bass®. It was his first time out!

Trout: We started our company in the fall and sent product to ice fishermen, they caught trout through ice holes on steel jigs. No one else was doing a thing, these guys killed them. The guy in CA who catches those 10 pound Rainbows from THE SHORE, is using a live crawfish sprayed with Kick'n Bass®. I have use those jar type  of baits and just dipped in Kick'n Trout and killed them.  Out fished guys with the same bait. Kick'n Trout will work great on a plain old piece of cotton ball.  You have to try this stuff, it is unbelievable. 
See this link here.
Click me!

Found out recently that Striped Bass really love the Trout Flavor.. I have proved this, but others have made money on this secret.. 

See even my Arizona Pro-Staff are using the Saltwater on bass... Guys are getting ahead of the game. I caught a 2 pound Crappie on a 7 inch worm that I had just pulled out of a Tupperware tray soaking in Garlic. I was fishing a Texas rig and he took it on the fall.. When I unhooked him he had Garlic dripping down his JAW.  LOL... 

Salmon: Gave a bottle to my Doctor. He goes up to Alaska, $300 a day for a river guide. The guide loads up an egg roe sack and throws in a hole. 5 other guys and guides fishing the hole. nothing. So the Doc remembers my scent, puts it on the egg roe, throws back into the hole and in less then 5 minutes has a 33# salmon running downstream and clearing out all the other guys. It was the only fish caught that day. He swears by it.

Walleye: Can't say enough about Kick'n Eye's. Have been testing a variation of Kick' Bass® on Walleye's for over a year now, results are great. One guy has been fishing lake Powell every year for the last five years and never caught a walleye. This year he tried out our new 'SECRET' formula and was the only one to catch walleyes out of a full house boat of fishermen. And they were the first eyes he ever caught in all five years. We have given out the new prototype formula to web sites and all the way to Canada, they say it really works and love it.

SALTWATER:  Kick'n Bass® has caught more species of salt water fish then Jock Custow.  That's right!   Speckled trout, Striped bass, Tuna you name it.  I put it right on my live anchovies etcHow would you like to be a baitfish swimming around with fish-oil and bite stimulants coming off your butt.  This stuff is great in salt water, try it, it will not hurt! Click here and read this.  Click here.

Slow worm bite: When you get bit and you strike and there is nothing there, try this. The next time you feel the bite, pull some line out and let it coil on the water, Wait,.... when it starts to move out, reel up and hit him. Bass take worms and with KNB on them and just sit their with them in their mouths and chew on them like candy... especially if you were to soak some jigs or worms the night before.. Then you are doing one of my secret "Pro-Staff" tricks. 

Nuke Um: Take a few of your favorite worms put them in a plastic baggie, throw some garlic salt or regular salt in, put in some Kick'n Bass® and then microwave them for 15-20 seconds. The house will smell for a week, but the worms will too.

Dry lures: When you pull out a spoon for white bass or spots, before you hang the rod tip in the water and then mess around, FIRST COAT THE DRY LURE WITH Kick'n Bass® before it gets WET. If you pull your spoon up and want to refresh it, go to the back of the boat, DRY if off on your partners pants, then squirt more on. You want it to adhere to a DRY BAIT. I sometimes dry my worms between applications.

Worms: Stinky stores his worms in plastic like Tupperware and pours in a big slug of Kick'n Bass®. After one or two months all the blues and blacks and reds turn a kind of camo brown, he loves this. The worms are drenched with scent and really work.

Worms: Cosmic, takes each color that he likes and puts them in a separate bag, squirts them down and then rolls them up. The colors don't bleed and they soak up the scent. Don't do this for winter.. NOT for 6 months ect.. just a few days before you are going. 

Power Worms Berkley®: We are asked all the time if you can use Kick'n Bass® on these worm, YES! Berkley® has some colors and shapes and patterns that we like and we use then whenever we feel like it, just soak them good. They make a good product.

Spinner baits, crank baits and topwater: So ? Soak um! You have to get those "Reaction Baits" to do their job. A fish can spit out any bait before you can strike. That is a flat out fact. Those reaction bites are not a reaction at all. They are a everyday bite. Like a dog barking. But a fish can spit out that lure as fast as he nailed it, so it must smell like prey to him so that you can wake up and set the hook. Tie your bait on the line, take a baggie, put the lure into the bag, squirt inside the bag, cover it good, pull it out and fish. Your hard baits NEEDS SCENT. Don't ever forget this.

If you could just sit in the offices of Kick'n Bass® for one week and answer the phones you would never make a cast again with-out our scent. We have heard of guys getting to the lake, and then driving all the way home because they forgot their KNB. Don't waste the time you have on the water with plain baits. Get some Kick'n Bass® and change your life.    Tight Lines: Cosmic>

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