Tommy Ogle

Angler: Tommy Ogle
Species: Largemouth (Black) bass
Location: 2 acre pond in Louisville, Kentucky
Weight: 7lbs 12oz
Length: anywhere from 23-25in
Date: 10/28/02
Time: around 4:30pm
Water temp.: around 69 F
Lure: 7" blue and black plastic worm Texas rigged
Tackle: Cardiff Shimano on a 6 1/2' Med/Hvy Shimano Speedmaster Fightn Rod
with 20lb Renegade line

My name is Tommy Ogle and I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. I caught this fish
from a place where I had caught a 5lb 2oz largemouth. On about the tenth time
I even wet my bait that day. I pitched my bait in about 2' of water on the
outside of a overhanging limb of a tree. I pulled my 7" blue and black
plastic worm back in in very muddy water and felt the fish hit it. I reeled
down close to the water and since I was bank fishing set the hook with a hard
side wards sweep. I locked into the jaws of a 7lb 12oz largemouth. He put on
an unbelievable battle  that had my adrenaline about to squirt out my ears. I
grabbed the line and pulled him about 2 ft to me because I could hardly reel
because he was pulling my drag out so much (even though I had it set pretty
high). After I landed him I ran to my house across the street and got my mom
to drive up to Wal-mart to get some batteries for the camera while I sat in
about 2 ft of water to keep him aerated and alive. When she got back we took
plenty of pictures and weighed him on a digital scale. Then I continued to
aerate him for about 2 hours waiting for my dad to get home. He was very
happy that I had caught it and said I should mount it; so very sadly that
beautiful fish died and will be hanging on the wall in about a month or two.
I look back on it and wish I would have let him go. But even the pond owner
persuaded me to mount the fish because it was overpopulated with fish (even
though most of them small). But that feeling of that fish being on, and
pulling really good is not replaceable and I will remember it for the rest of
my life. I one day hope to be a professional angler on the B.A.S.S. pro tour.
And even though I am only 12 years old I think I will catch one bigger.
Tommy Ogle