Willis Beam

Our Great Pro Staff from the North..

The man who Kick's Bass, Walleye's, Smallmouth  Bass, Largemouth's, Musky's, Sturgeons you name it. The fearless one with the beautiful wife... 
Snag-man Willis

fat brown trout in anyone's book...  and all on his favorite scent, Kick'nŽ Bass



lots of good eating Walleye's... waiting for the females to show up.
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Hello Cos,
 Well the 2006 Walleye run on the Detroit River has come and the Walleye will soon be returning to the Western Basin of Lake Erie and the weedlines of Lake St Clair.
 So far for myself its been very rewarding, with every trip out on the river seeing my limit being filled each time. The shore lunches of Walleye and Potato Cakes and ColeSlaw and a ice cold soda pop has been great.
 I finally got hooked up with my old buddy Capt Bob Devine of CharterTalk Guide Service from Windsor Ontario and what last few days we have had. Vertical Jigging using plastics has been a hoot. But what has made things really a blast has been the use of KicknBass (CrawFish) and KicknWalleye and a secret sort of. the (Garlic) has been killer as well. We had some nasty weather set in for close to eleven days straight and somewhere around four back to back cold fronts, driving the walleye down tight on the bottom unwilling to bite. We started adding a little dab of KicknBass Scent/Attractants and bam bam bam, we started loading the boat, all in the two pound plus range making for perfect eaters for the frying pan!
 Capt Bob Devine was one of my first converts to KicknBass here in this area of Ontario and its a real pleasure to see him push KicknBass to his customers and to other friends who fish with him. Its also really good to hear that when the bite is tough he says his success's are due to his squirting on the KicknWalleye!
 So as we approach Bass Season up here and my bottle of  KicknBass (Garlic) is ready to go, I just wanted to give you an update on how the Walleye Season has gone so far!
  Willis & Sherry-Lynne
PS..here a pic of the new grandbaby...Lillian Elizabeth (Futer Kick'nŽ Bass Lady)