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The longest lasting and strongest available!

Kick'n Bass®: 4 oz bottles. $6.99 each,  plus postage. 

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Kick'n Bass® Garlic: The original super strength garlic in our powerful fish oil base, amino-acids and bite enhancers. All in a 4 oz bottle that will last and last. Thick and heavy. Real Scent !  $6.99 plus postage.


Kick'n Bass
® Crawfish: This is the scent that the PRO'S can't live without.  (Secretly desired by the Competitors!) A really strong, heavy duty crawfish with fish oil base, fatty-acids and bite enhancers. All in a 4 oz bottle that will last and last. Thick and heavy. Real Scent!  $6.99 plus postage.

Kick'n Bass
® Anise/Shad: more powerful than any other name brand. 
This Anise/Shad has 100 times more Bang than any scent on the market today.  A really strong, heavy duty anise with fish oil base, fatty-acids and bite enhancers. All in a 4 oz bottle that will last and last. Thick and heavy. Real Scent !  $6.99 plus postage.

Kick'n Catfish: Use it on a sponge, live bait, or cut bait.  Very Strong!  Just a few powerful drops is all you need.  Extra Heavy Cheese enhanced and also very deadly for TROUT!).


Kick'n Crappie: Crappie and Pan-fish (Bream) love this minnow scent. Can be used on all jigs, small lures and spinners. Use a drop on your live minnows to have them produce a "fish oil slick" in a school of Crappie", you will get bit! Crappie love it! 4 oz bottle. $6.99 plus postage.


Kick'n Trout: Heavy Cheese oil in a Fish-oil base. Use with a cotton ball or one of the popular floating baits.  Very, very effective for Trout AND Salmon! 4 oz bottle. $6.99 plus postage.


Kick'n Walleye: For finicky biters. Makes those light biting eyes360.gif (457 bytes) hold on until you set the hook.  4 oz bottle. $6.99 plus postage.


Kick'n Bass® Salt Water Gamefish: A chum slick in a bottle. Nothing on the market like it. If you want a long lasting scent that will sick to your spoons, plastics or bait, this is for you. Baitfish oil with Crab & Shrimp bite enhancers and pure fish fatty-acids. Works on any species, any coast, any water. This stuff has been killing spots, reds, tuna, kelp bass etc. If it swims in the ocean, it will come to this Chum slick in a bottle! Proven. 4 oz bottle. $6.99 plus postage.


NEW NEW NEW!!! Newly released Products!

Kick'n Bass® Java:  Newly developed for Bass.  Tournament tested and proven!! Very effective as a cover scent and as an attractant.  Kick'n Bass Java is quickly being recognized as one of our MOST EFFECTIVE Bass attractants.  This is a very special formula that is precisely formulated with the All Natural & Food Grade components of our other products. 4 oz Bottle. $6.99 plus Postage.


Kick'n Bass® Shrimp:  We developed Kick'n Bass Shrimp for a wide variety of all FRESHWATER and all SALTWATER species. From Bream to White Fish to Catfish or even Sturgeon, this is a great multipurpose flavor for occasions when there are no specific species being targeted or to just cover "all your bases" for all fish species. 4 oz Bottle.  $6.99 plus Postage.


"Triple Threat" Scent Packs

New Flavors also available as custom requests.

 2 oz each Field Size Scent Packs:   Good for Travel, Gift Packs, or Christmas Stocking Stuffers!  

(Freshwater- Crappie, Catfish, Garlic, 2oz ea.)$14.99


(Northern- Walleye, Trout, Garlic, 2oz ea)$14.99


(Bass- Crawfish, Anise/Shad, Garlic, 2oz ea): $14.99


(Coastal- Saltwater, Crawfish, Garlic, 2oz ea) : $14.99


(Trout- Trout, Garlic, Catfish (strong attractant effective on Trout and Salmon also! 2oz ea): $14.99


Shipping charges are, 
1-5 bottles $8.75 using US Postal Service (small flat rate box.)

1 Package Triple Threat $8.75 each US Postal Service (small flat rate box.)

United States of America shipping only. If you send from another country you loose your money. No games. USA shipments only. Thank you. 
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Thank You.

  1-800-605-BASS (2277)

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