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        NEW_NEW2D1.gif (3972 bytes) Kick'®  Bass Products is proud to have a really great Catfish fish attractant.  A catfish has a very good scenes of smell, and we have made a combination of "Fish-oils, bite stimulants" and a ton of other things to make this a heavy, rich long lasting scent. 
It is made to draw cats to the bait, no matter what that bait is. 
A piece of sponge, a piece of plastic, a strip of bacon, cut baits such as shad, mackerel, or even stink baits.  No matter what you throw, you should add a few drops of our highly concentrated blend of powerful attractants including garlic, anise, amino acids, fish-oils and a bunch of other proven stimulants.  These heavy oils are specially formulated to bleed into the water and create a scent trail that the big cats can key in on quickly.  They don't miss Kick'n Catfish, they home right in on it.  If you fish for catfish, you have to have a bottle of this powerful fish-oil formula to add to anything you think is a hot bait.  Make it even hotter.  Try some Kick'n Catfish today.

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