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Rod ArmorZtm, rod covers in a WIDE variety of School Colors with a tighter compression fabric and hook resistant coating!


"Triple Threat" 2 oz Scent Packs 

(Freshwater- Crappie, Catfish, Garlic)

(Northern- Walleye, Trout, Garlic)

(Bass- Crawfish, Anise/Shad, Garlic)

(Coastal- Saltwater, Crawfish, Garlic)

(Trout- Trout, Garlic, Catfish (strong attractant effective on trout also!))

Good for Travel, Gift Packs, or Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

Site under renovation.
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Our formulas are based upon fact on the water, not theory. They are made of concentrated fish-oils.
They work. They catch fish !

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